St. Peter’s Rosedale Wardens and Vestry

The Vestry is the “Board of Directors” for the parish corporation and is subject to the Diocesan and National Church Canons of the Episcopal Church. Members of the Vestry are agents and legal representatives of the parish who are elected by the congregation at the Annual General Meeting to manage corporate and financial matters as well as the parish property.

St Peter’s Vestry consists of 12 members, including the Rector, who is the Presiding Officer,  two Wardens and a Clerk of the Vestry. The Treasurer, though not a Vestry member, plays an important role in the managing of the financial affairs of the parish and reviews the financial statements with the Vestry at the regular monthly meetings that is scheduled on the third Sunday of each month.

The members of the Vestry are assigned to three working groups, which seek to address the main areas that undergird the church’s functioning. These are: Administration & Governance, Stewardship and Mission & Evangelism.

Below is an introduction to our vestry members:

The Very Rev. Steve L. Foster, Rector

Born and raised in St. Thomas, Barbados, Father Steve Foster’s spiritual journey began at the tender age of 8 with his involvement in the youth group and other church missions.

In pursuit of his spiritual calling he attended The General Theological Seminary in NYC in 2001 and was ordained a Priest in December 2004.

After graduating from the Seminary, his first assignment was as a curate for Father P. Rawlins at the St. Georges Church in Hempstead, Long Island. While there, he was afforded the opportunity to display his creativity in ministry.

In 2006, Father Foster became the Priest-in-Charge at St. Boniface church in Lindenhurst, Long Island, a position he held for 6 years and eight months. One of the high points of this ministry was his pastoral interaction with the AA group who regularly held meetings at the premises.

He later sought to broaden his ministry by responding to a vacancy for a Rector at the St Peter?s Episcopal Church in Rosedale, Queens, in 2013. On June 28th 2014, he was instituted as its Sixth Rector.

Father Foster’s vision for St. Peter?s is to become a ?spring like? community, who nourishes, feeds and engages people. A place where all people feel welcomed, appreciated and loved. It is also his intention for St. Peters to expand beyond its physical boundaries to not only be known as the church in Rosedale, but the church of Rosedale.

Phyllis Harris-Williams, Warden

I came from a long family history of Anglicans/Episcopalians faith throughout the West Indies and the United States.  I joined St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in 1984 and found the parishioners to be welcoming, warm and caring like in the West Indies.

I became involved in many of its ministries such as: Treasurer, President and trip planner for the Daughters, Taught Sunday school for a while, Member of the Pastoral Guild, Member of the St. Luke Guild, Member of the Bible study group, Member of the Usher Guild, member of the bereavement group, Coordinator of the concert series and The Tree of Life, a volunteer of the Yvonne Gittens’s Pantry, member of the Vestry where I served as the assistant Treasurer. Presently, I am a Warden of St. Peter’s church.

I welcome all new parishioners; you too will find a home at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.  Our leader The Very Reverend Steve Foster is very committed to the faith and cares for people in our surrounding communities.

Yvonne Robinson, Junior Warden

Upon migrating to the United States, I visited several churches over a couple of years in search of a church home, but I did not feel at home and did not feel the urge to go back.  St. Peter’s became my church home in 1995 because the people of St. Peter’s were very warm and I felt very much at home from my first visit.  Over the years the bond with my St. Peter’s family has grown and they have truly become my second family.   In 2004, I became involved with the Sunday school and in 2006 I became involved with the Pastoral Care Ministry.  Watching the children grow spiritually and having lively discussions on faith and spiritual values and visiting the sick and shut-in and seeing the joy on their faces when you visit and sing with them have been very rewarding experiences.   Being able to share my time and talent in these two ministries have brought me such fulfillment and has been one of the many reasons that I have continued to be a part of the St. Peter’s family.  I am also a member of The Daughters of St. Peters and have also had fulfilling experiences with various projects with my sisters in Christ.  The youth group provided an environment for my children to meet with other teenagers with similar moral and ethical values which I think is very important at that stage of their lives.   As they say it takes a village to raise a child and St. Peter’s has been my village for my three children and now the village is also helping to raise my grandchildren.

The bond I have with the St. Peter’s Church community has grown and deepened over the years and as a result I have continued to serve on the vestry and became a warden in January 2021.   I pray that I can continue to use my time and talent to improve visibility of St. Peter’s in the Rosedale and surrounding communities so that we can fulfill our mission to be a lighthouse of Faith, Hope and God’s Love to the community.  Blessings and Peace to you; Welcome to St. Peter’s Church!

Mrs. Lamarcia Parkin Bascombe, Clerk of the Vestry

Lamarcia Parkin-Bascombe became a member of St. Peters after relocating to Rosedale in 1990. Over the years, Lamarcia and her family have celebrated baptisms, confirmations and marriage at St. Peters. Her husband, Mike, has been active in the life of the church, always supporting church events and activities. Her daughter, Latoya, was active in the Sunday School, Youth Group, Junior Choir, and Young Adults. While, Lamarcia has been a long-time member of the Senior Choir, and serves on the Pastoral
Care Committee, and as the secretary of the St. Luke’s Guild. Additionally, for the past 12 years, Lamarcia has hosted a Senior Appreciation Day; Partnering with the Youth Group and Young Adults, the Senior Appreciation Day is an evening for the seniors to attend a special service with prayer, worship, entertaining skits and games as well as being served a hearty meal. Accordingly, in 2018, Lamarcia was awarded the Bishop’s Medal to recognize her service, patience and leadership in doing God’s work.

Lamarcia is a Registered Nurse, practicing for over 33 years. Currently, she works in the Department of Surgery, Trauma Service, One Brooklyn Health System, in the Brownsville region of Brooklyn. She is also a part-time Home Care Infusionist providing infusion therapy for patients no longer requiring hospitalization.

Lamarcia’s stress diffuser mechanisms are attending church, traveling, gardening and regular exercise.

As an elected vestry member, Lamarcia promises to support the church’s mission and ensure effective organization and planning.

Monica Carrington, Vestry Member

I relocated to Laurelton Queens from Brooklyn in 1976.  This new community reminded of my home in Trinidad. I heard church bells daily. Those bells lead me to St Peter’s church where I started attending the 8 am service. I was warmly welcome by the Rector and the parishioners. They all made me feel quite at home.

I became an active member and joined several of the organizations including: the Pastoral Care committee, where we visit our parishioners who are sick and unable to attend church.  St. Martin De Pores Ministry:  were we distribute Thanksgiving bags full with food supplies for their dinners at three shelters.  Our Food Pantry, where we distribute food supply weekly to our parishioners and families in the community.  St Luke Guild health ministry, which is our health ministry and I am also on our International Day Committee. This committee encourages parishioners to showcase their culture with food, music, talent and art. I truly enjoy serving in these ministers.

In January 2016 I was elected to the Vestry and continue to serve under the leadership of our Rector The Very Reverend Steve L. Foster.  As we continue to bridge the gap between St Peters Church and the surrounding communities. .

I am truly blessed to be a member of St Peter’s Church, Welcome!

Cynthia Craig, Vestry Member

Cynthia Craig has been a member of St. Peter?s Church since 1974. She has served as Chairperson of the Fellowship Committee since 1988 and is also a member of the Daughters of St. Peters. Cynthia was first elected to the Vestry in 1992 and was re-elected every three years, thereafter.

Sandra George, Vestry Member

I have been attending St. Peters church for over 40 years. I became an active member shortly thereafter. With the many different organizations, i first volunteered my services to the youth group. We planned trips and activities within the community that would interest the young people. A few years after I joined The Daughter’s of St. Peters, and am still an active member of this group for over 15 years. I enjoyed the many events sponsored by St. Peter’s and became the chair person of the summer festival over 15 years ago. This event is a fundraiser and involves our church families and our community to join together in a fun filled day. We continue to grow adding new activities every year. My interest also peaked in meeting and greeting new visitors or families. About 10 or more years ago, i joined the Usher guild, in which I volunteered my time on Sundays. I became the chairperson about 7 years ago. We continue to add new members when necessary and accommodate the many challenges that come with sustaining our church families over the last few years. I enjoy being active in the church under our leader Fr. Foster who has introduced many new ministries to help the growth of our parish.

I got married 35 years ago at St. Peter’s and my 3 children were all baptized and  confirmed there. My children also were active members in many different ministries. My family currently spans 4 generations attending and actively involved at St.  Peters.

I really enjoy being a member of this church and consider it to be an extension of my family. I trust that any new members will share the same experience, Welcome!

Gail Adams, Vestry Member

I came to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in 2017 after my prior church (St. Lydia’s Episcopal Church) closed.  I was looking for an Episcopal Church close to home, and St. Peter’s was the perfect fit.  My first evening at St. Peter’s was to celebrate the Stations of the Cross.  Rev. Foster and the St’s Peter’s Church family were very welcoming, even remembering my name after being told only once.  They welcomed me with open arms, and I felt like I belonged.  Shortly thereafter, I inquired about becoming a member, and the very next year, I was inducted and officially welcomed as a member of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.  The members of St. Peter’s have now become part of my extended family.

Together with my sister, we started the Legal Eagles Committee, providing free legal advice and consultation through seminars and guest speakers.  I am also a founding member of the Yvonne Gittens Food Pantry, providing free pantry items for the church members and broader Rosedale community every Saturday.

As an elected member of the vestry, I enjoy working with other vestry members for the betterment of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and the Church Community.

Michael Prescod, Vestry Member

Elaine Henry, Vestry Member

Hello and welcome! My name is Elaine Henry and I’m one of the newest vestry members at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. I had been to many different Christian denomination churches, Presbyterian, Methodist, AME, Lutheran and Catholic looking for a place I felt comfortable. Fortunately, my place is close to home. I started attending in the mid 1990’s and I feel quite at home in this parish. I became involved as a lay reader and then in the St Luke’s Guild Health ministry and now the vestry. We are not a big congregation, but we are genuine and faithful. Our parish is intimate and friendly. Our current pastor, Father Foster is quite approachable and very helpful to our members.

We welcome everyone and hope that you can find a place here to also call home.

Shadiyah Evans, Vestry Member

I have been a member of St. Peter’s Church since birth. I was baptized by the fifth rector Father Chan in the late 80s. Growing up in the church I was very active in Sunday School, Junior Choir, and Youth Group. I was also a member of the Young Adults Group where I was of service to the less fortunate. I always love to attend 10am services and sing inspirational hymns that strengthens me and helps give me the motivation I need to continue doing the work. St. Peter’s encourages members to use their time, talent and treasure for the enrichment of the Parish. It is a big part of my life where I come for prayer, guidance and to break bread with my church family. The foundation that my parents and grandparents instilled in me is unyielding, especially the principles that teach me to keep God first in all that I do.

I welcome you to St. Peter’s Church!

Karen Mayne-Lee, Vestry Member & Assistant Treasurer

Karen Mayne-Lee was confirmed at St, John’s Anglican Church in St. Andrew, Jamaica. Her strong Anglican faith was molded by attending Anglican schools at the primary and secondary levels, where studying religious education and participating in morning and afternoon devotions were part of the school?s curriculum. Karen continued her education after migrating to the United States, and received a BBA in Finance and an MBA in Accounting. She is currently employed in the Financial Control Group at Morgan Stanley. She has been a member of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Rosedale NY for nearly 20 years. Karen was elected to serve on the Vestry in 2012 and was reelected to serve another term in 2016. She considers the St. Peter family to be part of her extended family and is determined to work with her fellow vestry members and Rector in carrying out its mission of becoming a lighthouse of faith in the community.