Born and raised in St. Thomas, Barbados, Father Steve Foster’s spiritual journey began at the tender age of 8 with his involvement in the youth group and other church missions.

In pursuit of his spiritual calling he attended The General Theological Seminary in NYC in 2001 and was ordained a Priest in December 2004.

After graduating from the Seminary, his first assignment was as a curate for Father P. Rawlins at the St. Georges Church in Hempstead, Long Island. While there, he was afforded the opportunity to display his creativity in ministry.

In 2006, Father Foster became the Priest-in-Charge at St. Boniface church in Lindenhurst, Long Island, a position he held for 6 years and eight months. One of the high points of this ministry was his pastoral interaction with the AA group who regularly held meetings at the premises.

He later sought to broaden his ministry by responding to a vacancy for a Rector at the St Peter’s Episcopal Church in Rosedale, Queens, in 2013. On June 28th 2014, he was instituted as its Sixth Rector. In March 2020, Father Foster was appointed Dean of the Jamaica Deanery by Bishop Provenzano, the Seventh Bishop of the Diocese of Long Island.

Father Foster’s vision for St. Peter’s is to become a “spring like” community, who nourishes, feeds and engages people. A place where all people feel welcomed, appreciated and loved. It is also his intention for St. Peters to expand beyond its physical boundaries to not only be known as the church in Rosedale, but the church of Rosedale.